Advantages of Light Gauge Steel

The main advantages with using Light Gauge Steel as apposed to using more traditional methods of construction or heavy framing solutions can be categorised as follows:-

  • Time

Short production time for manufacturing profiles.

Assembly is within a factory with better working conditions.

Accuracy and co-ordination reduces delays and issues on site.

Reduced transport costs ie 2 Light Gauge Steel lorry loads = 50 blockwork lorry loads.

Erection is very simple.

Can cut down build time by nearly one third as apposed to other construction methods.

  • Quality

Production and assembly of units can be offsite or onsite.

Advanced software provides precision manufacturing

Fabrication tolerances are approximately 1mm maximum due to precision manufacturing

Every component has its own identification mark which can be cross referenced with the fabrication drawings

Processes can run in parallel (production/assembly and site erection)

  • Safety & Resilience

Earthquake resistant (flexible light weight structures)

Safety at work/on site due to simplicity of construction, simplicity of tools required, lighter lifts (easily manually handled)

Fire resistance between 1-4 hours achievable subject to wall make up

Mould and termite resistant

  • Sustainability

Steel is 100% reusable

Case studies show 95% less wastage than blockwork

  • Cost

Low logistic costs and less delays

Use of lower skilled labour

Less tools/cranes required

Reduced dead load of buildings and therefore more cost effective foundations

If you would like to know more about Light Gauge Steel frames or have a project where IDES Global Ltd can assist, please contact our Hove office.