What We Offer

We provide full engineering design services from concept to completion on any light gauge steel, conventional steel or hybrid projects.  The type of structures we have significant experience in designing are as follows:-


Infill projects usually consist of the light gauge steel frames spanning between the primary structure which would resist both the wind loads and the gravity loads from the cladding/facade.  Calculations and full fabrication drawings/details are produced by IDES Global Limited.  This information is then issued to suppliers/manufacturers/installers to allow the production and erection of the frames.

Load Bearing

Load bearing structures rely upon the light gauge steel walls and floor joists to transfer both the gravity and lateral loads to the foundations or transfer slab. Light gauge steel frames can also be supplemented with hot rolled steel if required for any additional load bearing requirements.  IDES Global Limited have significant experience designing low-rise and mid-rise buildings up to 10 storeys.  IDES Global Limited can design and detail both the SFS framing system and hot rolled steel requirements up to the fabrication and assembly stages.  This information is then issued to light gauge steel suppliers/manufacturers/installers for allow the production and erection of the frames. The frames can be delivered and erected as individual “stick” elements or panelised. Volumetric modular is detailed below.

Volumetric Modular

Volumetric modular construction is quickly becoming a normal form of construction, where the benefits of certainty in cost, time and quality are critical for a project.  IDES Global Limited can and have worked at all stages of the design and construction process from conception to support during construction.  For large volume modular projects, we fully understand the value of collaboration and considering constructability off and on site.

Full Structural Service

IDES Global Limited are in a unique position as we can design and detail the foundations, reinforced concrete transfer structures and below ground drainage as well as the steel superstructure.  Thus, providing the full structural engineering package.  This avoids any issues with collaboration and clarity of responsibilities which are common when the civil and structural packages are split.

IDES Global Limited would very much welcome the opportunity to be able assist in providing advice in any project to see if SFS is the right solution for you for your project.  Please contact our Hove Office.